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According to a New York Times report, President Obama will likely soon make an executive order that may prevent up to five million immigrants lacking documentation from being deported and offer work permits to many of them. For months, the President had been hoping to work with Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration plan. However, Congress has not been willing to take up immigration legislation, so the President may be acting on his own and make a decision that goes around Congress.

The decision may change the operations of the government's immigration enforcement agents to focus on immigrants who have a serious criminal history. Additionally, parents whose children have legal residency or American citizenship will be able to get necessary documents for working, preventing families from being broken apart. The order may also extend protection to farm workers and highly skilled immigrants working in technical fields. Details about the order are still subject to change, and the order has not yet been officially announced.

Have questions about these changes?

If you have any questions about these changes to our immigration system and how they may impact your situation, our Houston immigration attorney at The Modi Law Firm, PLLC can provide answers. The immigration system is very confusing to many people. Laws and regulations pertaining to immigration are changing all the time. Thus, it can be very beneficial to seek out the counsel of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

We have successfully helped numerous people from various cultural backgrounds through the immigration system.

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