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Attorney Susham Modi of The Modi Law Firm, PLLC in Houston is widely regarded as one of the leading legal minds when it comes to immigration law in America due to his recognition as a top immigration attorney in publications including Best Lawyers, Houstonia Magazine and others. He has recently been invited to a number of speeches and seminars about the current societal climate and how it is impacting immigration and immigrants all across the country.

Attorney Modi’s presentations have focused primarily on three topics:

  • Credible fear for asylum interviews: An immigrant who flees their country to protect their livelihood, wellbeing, or family from persecution and violence are supposed to be able to enter the United States under a potential immigration process known as asylum. During an asylum interview with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the applicant explains their situation, proves the existence of dangers and oppression in their country of origin, and, hopefully if their credible fear is approved, is able to stay in the United States to have their day in court to argue why they’re afraid to their home country. Attorney Modi was invited to speak at Vinson and Elkins Law Firm in downtown Houston to immigration attorney’s taking pro bono cases.
  • Bonds motions for detained immigrants: Generally speaking, a detained immigrant cannot be released from ICE custody without an immigration bond or parole. Recent case law has made bonds more difficult to obtain in different circumstances and Attorney Modi has discussed this topic including if an individual has multiple DUI’s and that affect on a potential bond motion being granted, as well as bond amounts and had helped train other attorney’s to argue bond motions in immigration court. Attorney Modi was the only speaker invited to discuss this topic and specifically in assistance to help train non-profit attorney’s working on bond cases.
  • Supreme Court upholding the travel ban: In late June 2018, the Supreme Court finally ruled to uphold Trump’s controversial travel ban. Two previous drafts had been challenged and effectively defeated under arguments that it was a ban that targeted certain religions and beyond the President’s scope of powers. With the ban now approved and reinstated, immigrants from the seven targeted countries face an uncertain future since often the only remedy from one of these countries is to apply for a waiver which statistically not many have been granted to date, and immigrants from elsewhere feel nervous that similar measures might be used against them in the future. For this presentation, Attorney Modi was invited to speak at the University of Houston Law Center but was unable to attend due to being out of town and flight cancellations.

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